How to Get Kids to Listen

Getting you children to listen is one of the hardest challenges a parent can face. For whatever reason – the more we ask them to do something, the more they resist! In this article, I’ll discuss a few tips and suggestions to help make this process easier. Feel free to share this post with any friends or family members that could benefit from this post.

The Illusion of Choice

Some children have very strong personalities and prefer to make their own decisions. This is not a bad thing! It means they are learning the tools necessary to survive in the real world. However, with a little tweaking, you can use this type of personality to your advantage.

Offer them two different choices – both of which will produce a desirable outcome – and allow them to decide. If you’re trying to get your daughter to cooperate while preparing her lunch, do not just ask her what she wants to drink and then refrain from giving her the Pepsi that she asked for. Nothing good can ever come from asking a child what they want and then not giving it to them. Instead, change you question into desirable choices, such as, “Emily, would you like milk or water to drink with lunch?”. This will give her the illusion of choice and keep her rebellious spirit in check, while at the same time promoting cooperation.


Do YOU have any successful tips and tricks for getting your children to listen? Please comment them below!


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